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Rock climbing

There are many well or less known places for rock climbing of any level.

If you are a complete beginner interested in learning rock climbing in safe environment, we have the gear you need and the experts to teach you and set everything up for you.
If you are an experienced rock climber, we can bring you to new areas based on your climbing level. Our guides are experienced climbers that will show you some hidden jewels up to 5.13, you choose!


No matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced in rappelling, there are many places in Mexico ready for you to explore.

From rappelling along waterfalls, into sink holes or caves, we have the experts to take you out, set up the gear and guide you to a fun day full of rappels based on your level of experience.
We guide families with kids as well as hard core climbers or canyoneering experts.

Trip plan

We will take care of the transportation, food, water, technical gear and guides.

You just need to show up and let us know what your level of experience is. Depending on group's needs, we will teach you the basic skills and practice enough for you to feel confident before we get on the rock or rappel.
With more experienced clients, we will drop to serious rappels or climb some big walls of your choice. We have a wide variety of places to choose from.


From easy paved roads to steep single tracks, Mexico has it all. We offer a wide selection of different mountain biking experience.

Below are the two most favorite routes but we can discuss other options based on your request and level.

Each trip is accompanied with a motorized vehicle near by in case of a defect or to help with any other possible issues.
There will be a paramedic with the group at all times. Our support vehicle will transport our gear, food and water for each rest stop.

Trip 1: Ajusco, Contreras, San Miguel, Valle de Patrullero, Nevado de Toluca, Mapa, Corral de Piedras y Valle de Bravo (3 days)

Three amazing days of mountain biking at altitude above 8,000 ft surrounded by dense pine forests and fantastic views.

Day 1: The trip starts in the hills of Ajusco, favorite mountain biking destination. From there, we continue west through some best preserved forests to San Miguel and further to the Valley of Patrullero.

We will continue to La Marquesa and a few valleys later arrive to the base on Nevado de Toluca.
We will stay at cabins located at the base of the volcano. This is a perfect opportunity to add one day to hike Nevado de Toluca (15,354') and take a little break from the saddle.

Day 2: Second day will start with a nice long downhill and continue with many up-hills and down-hills to arrive to Mapa and Corral de Piedras.

We will enjoy the rest of the day in this remote town and spend the night in the local cabins.

Day 3: The last day will be very relaxing. We will bike towards the Valle de Bravo and take a nice tour through town. We will also find a good place to celebrate our trip.

Trip 2: San Rafael, Nexcoalango, LLano alto, LLano Grande, Rio Frio, Cerro Tlaloc, San Pablo Ixtayoc (2 days)

Two days of scenic mountain biking with the option of summiting Iztaccíhuatl (17,159') and visit of old ruins.

Day 1: We start our trip in a small town of San Rafael at 9,000 ft above sea level.

After climbing up to 11,400 ft, we get rewarded with a gorgeous view of Nexcoalangolake. We will continue through a grassy plains Alto and Grande with incredible mountain views and descend down to Rio Frio, where we spend the night.

Day 2: We will visit some very exciting places. After ascending to Tlaloc hill, we will get to see the pyramid at the top.

It is a place where many famous relicts were find, for example a monolith 23 ft long that weighted 168 tons.

Later on we will descend to San Pablo Ixtayoc to finish our trip.


Tolantongo offers unique natural hot springs with turquoise waterfalls and cave with thermal water soaking through the walls and forming stalactites and stalagmites. You can enjoy local food and vendors, explore a natural tunnel formed by the thermal water that gives you a sensation of being inside of a sauna the deeper you go in, you can cross the monumental waterfall and explore little caves with hot spring water.

Tolantongo offers family atmosphere, unique turquoise river running out from the waterfalls and many camping areas right on the river bank with camp fire options. If you prefer hotel over camping, we can reserve a room for you in one of the local lodging places with more amenities.

Trip plan

If you prefer a one-day trip or multiple days, we will take care of everything.

Will pick you up at the destination of your choice (usually Mexico City International Airport or hotel) and transport you to the hot springs, take care of snacks and water during the drive, pay the entry fee, take care of warm lunch (and/or dinner, based on your choice), build tents and camp fire (or book a hotel, your choice), and transport you back.

We are flexible and always ready to adjust the plan to individual needs including food restrictions consideration.

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