Nevado de Toluca

Nevado de Toluca is Mexico’s fourth highest mountain and offers some of the best moderate alpine climbing in Mexico.

The Nevado de Toluca National Park was decreed a park in 1936 to protect the volcano. We recommend several activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the national park.

The Complete Rim Traverse (easy class 3 rock scramble at some places) is an outstanding alpine-style ridge climb which rivals similar routes in the alps.

Trip plan

We will pick you up at the destination of your choice (usually Mexico City International Airport or hotel) and transport you to the trailhead. If you prefer to spend the night on the mountain before the summit day, we can arrange lodging at several huts located on the mountain.

The climb itself is very scenic, offers some gorgeous views and is non-technical for the most part.

Our experienced guides are well equipped to guide you through any rock-scramble terrain. After summiting, you can continue traverse the entire crater rim. After returning back to the trailhead, we will transport you back to your hotel or your next adventure as this is a good starting point to many other destinations in Mexico.


If you are coming from sea-level or area with much lower altitude, we recommend to add a day or two in Mexico City (7,382′) or Toluca (8,750′) to get used to the altitude.

Our team has the expertise to recommend an itinerary based on each client group’s needs and create an acclimatization plan to increase your ability to summit.

Our guides are EMT trained and ready to respond to acute altitude sickness symptoms.

Altitude: 15,354 feet.

Activity: Trekking Pico del Fraile or Pico del Águila. One day.

Entity: Mexico Estate.

Location: Toluca